An ode to the clown with capital letters. A surprising, tender and innocent show. A return to childhood, to the humor of the pure clown with all the baggage of experience. Crude, the beauty of simplicity, the residue of life.

"Kochambre", defined as "a silent farce for a surreal clown". It is a wonder of performing arts, crafts and interpretation. A single person, in a setting that looks like an attic full of suitcases, trunks, old junk, which he uses in a game of diverse humanizations, is capable of building magical and highly fluid communication with an audience that sometimes smiles, sometimes laughs. . He laughs, but not for a second does he stop being attentive and involved in the work. And speechless.

A beautiful and moving tribute to the theater, the clown profession and life itself. An unforgettable journey through set design, costumes and script superbly built for the occasion and full of imagination. A montage brimming with excellent, humor, magic. And nostalgia for an imaginary world as fantastic as it is real.

We witness a kind of artistic biography "by scenes", with both humor and tenderness. And a display of energy typical of a circus thoroughbred with capital letters. Memorable!!!

Kochambre...a whole life as a clown synthesized in 60 minutes with the same excitement, dedication and commitment as the first day,…a true delirious fantasy!

The truth and the open heart of a clown in full maturity, with a decadent and elegant atmosphere, in a show like those of before... Poetry on stage.